Portland, ME – For decades now, Stephen King stories have terrified us on the pages and screens that have shown us monsters and worlds we never thought of before. From IT to The Shining, the author and acclaimed story teller has kept us up at night. However, it was only so long until the Red Sox fan’s stories and limitless imagination got to him.

Yesterday, the Maine native checked himself into a mental rehabilitation center in Portland. King made this decision on his own. “We can’t believe it took this long,” Martha Rockford told us. Rockford has been running The Williams Rehabilitation Center, Maine’s biggest mental health center, since the 1980s.
“We all read his books here and watch all the miniseries and movies,” Rockford stated. “No sane person can come up with those stories.” Rockford told us that King has been an extremely respectful and well-kept patient. She even told us he’s starting to write a short story based off of patients in a rehabilitation center. “It’s probably not encouraging him to get better,” Rockford admitted. “However, who are we to rob his fans on what could be his next hit.”