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Stephen Hawking Leaves Wheelchair to Shut off The Real Housewives of Atlanta


Cambridge, UK – Stephen Hawking has been one of the most important voices of astrophysics for the past few decades. If you’ve ever read into things like time travel or black holes, you have definitely seen his name. Hawking has managed to be one of the most innovative and outside-the-box thinkers when it comes to the question: Where do we come from? And he has managed to do all of this while confined to a wheelchair and a computer to mobilize himself and his voice.

For over 40 years now, Hawking has suffered from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. After being diagnosed with this disorder, he was told he would only have two years to live. But Hawking is a fighter. He knew he had a major purpose in life and he has kept himself strong so he can relay his messages to the world. It wasn’t until last week, that Hawking managed to do the impossible and get out of his wheelchair.

After his caretaker went home for the day, Hawking was left sitting in front of the television that was broadcasting a documentary on E about Flavor Flav. After the show finished, a new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started. After only the first two minutes, Hawking started yelling for help. There was no way he was going to suffer through a whole episode of this awful show. After realizing his caretaker was already halfway to get home, he decided he needed to use all be had in him to get up and shut the television off.

“It took me all of the strength I had in me,” Hawking told us. “Since I was first diagnosed and told I would never walk again, I knew I would be able to get up one more time. I’ve been saving it for the right opportunity. Although Hawking has delivered incredible speeches all over the world ,he has never stood up to bow or shake hands with people who had the same ideas as him. “I totally could’ve stood up one of these times,” the theorist told us. “But I just knew it wasn’t the right time. When this stupid show started playing, something clicked inside my brain.”

Hawking then stood up from his wheelchair and managed to walk over to the television and shut it off. But that wasn’t enough. He then made his way to the porch to grab a baseball bat that he used to completely destroy his television. He then sat back down in his wheelchair.

When his caretaker came back the next day, she was in shock. “I asked him what happened, because I knew there was no way he could’ve done this,” she told us. “He looked at me and shrugged, telling me somebody must’ve broken into the house.”