Juneau, AK – Rapper and reality television star, Vanilla Ice, was admitted to an Alaskan hospital yesterday and was diagnosed with hypothermia. Robert Matthew Van Winkle was filming an episode of his reality show, The Vanilla Ice Project, when one of the show’s producers brought him to the hospital after noticing the “Ice, Ice Baby” singer’s skin starting turning blue and he couldn’t speak complete sentences.

“It was pretty scary,” Producer Allen Wallingford told us. “We were flipping a house out by one of the lakes and Rob was barely wearing anything. He was doing a lot of the heavy work, so he stripped down to just a tank top and shorts. It wasn’t long before the wind was blowing off the water and hitting us all on set.” While Wallingford and the rest of the cast and crew were building up, Van Winkle kept working. Within an hour, he was slowing down and was rushed to the hospital.

“He’s going to make a full recovery, Dr. Ginbar told us. “Van Winkle is lucky that he was taken to our hospital when he was.” Ice will be spending the next few days in the hospital and the Texas native should be returning to work on the lake house within the next few days.