Boise, ID – The summer is now over and the nights are starting to get darker earlier on, but people have something to look forward to: fantasy football season. This is the time of the year where friends and co-workers bond over running online football teams.

The stress of being first in the draft is already over, but now comes the anxiety of watching live games, hoping your players do well enough to give you points that will eventually lead you to a victory. However, there is something still on the mind of an accountant from Idaho.

Carl Garrity, a middle-aged man who is known as the funny guy at his firm, struggled with coming up with a funny team name this season for his team. Actually, he is still struggling with it.

“Every year, this guy somehow comes up with relevant and hilarious team names, but something went wrong this year.” Ted Franklin , a co-worker of Garrity, told us in an interview. “He hasn’t come into work in the past few weeks and he didn’t even sign up for the auto-draft. I don’t know, I just think the pressure got to him this year.”

Although Williams can still sign up for another league in the middle of October, there is still a good chance he won’t have a good name picked out by then.

Williams could not be reached for comment.