Boston, MA – With social media being so popular and easily accessible these days, it’s easy for anyone to find someone and give them undesired attention. Everyday, people receive incoming messages from unknown people or people from their past they are trying to escape or they find these people following them around town. As much as a burden this is on people, there is one man who wants nothing more than to be stalked.

Kip Birchwood, a 25 year old who works as an accountant, told us how jealous he is when he hears about his friends being stalked. “I have all of these friends who complain about girls texting them constantly or showing up at their apartment unannounced,” Birchwood started. “I don’t get the complaints at all. I would love that kind of attention right now.”

Birchwood has even gone as far as posting his cell phone number and address on his Faceboook. He also makes sure to let everyone he know where he is at all times. “I’m really pushing for something soon,” Birchwood told us.