Los Angeles, CA – Since Malcolm in the Middle ended in 2006, Jane Kaczmarek, who played the mother, has had some cameos on various television series, but hasn’t done much. Starting this spring, Kaczmarek can be found back on Fox, starring in a new original series called ‘Here’s Your Damn Family.’

The show is about a man who lives with his mother, and after she remarries, her new husband and his children move into the house. The comedy is produced by ‘Big Bang Theory’s’ John Galecki and will co-star Jon Herder. Herder, best known for indie hit Napoloen Dynamite, also spent time on Fox with the animated adaptation Napoleon Dynamite.

In a recent interview, Kaczmarek said how happy she was to see the success that Brian Cranston, her television husband, achieved with his starring role as Walt Whitman in AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad.’ Kaczmarek said she has read the pilot and first few episode of ‘Here’s Your Damn Family,’ and she thinks there’s a great chance the show will have the same viewership and success as Breaking Bad. “The character development in the first few episodes alone is fantastic. I think we’ll win the same amount of Emmy’s as Breaking Bad did'” Kaczmarek explained.

The show will be part of the pilot season in the Fall and also stars David James Elliott.