Hollywood, CA – It’s no surprise when Hollywood announces a remake they’re putting together. It seems these days, all we see are remakes, reboots, sequels, and prequels. However, Mirimax Films just green lit a remake that is coming to moviegoers as quite a surprise because of it’s cast.

Bob Weinstein, one of the founders of Mirimax, announced they will be remaking The Mighty staring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and basketball Hall of famer Dennis Rodman. “After seeing the great chemistry these two have in real life,  I thought it would be great to have this on screen,” Weinstein said. “We’ve been thinking about remaking this movie for quite some time, but we’ve struggled to find the right people to play the two leads. After seeing these two in the newspapers and on television, we realized we finally had the casting ready.”

Both Jong Un and Rodman immediately accepted their roles int he remake. “We we’re almost surprised at how fast they accepted,” Weinstein recalled. “They just love spending time together and this is going to give them even more of that. We did a read-through last week and they were so on point. We’re really looking forward to getting this movie going and we think people are really going to love it.”

The film will be in production staring next month and it should be hitting theaters in the summer of 2015.