Cannes, FR – Over the last few months, aeronautical agencies have been making the headlines of newspapers and other media outlets all over the world. The ESA managed to land a rover on a comet 317 million miles away. NASA has been exploring Mars to see if we could one day live on it. Russia is building a new space station in the year 2017. It seems that while our planet is suffering from things like global warming and viruses like ebola, places all over the world are trying to see if there is going to be a way to survive on another planet.

France, a country who has never really been first for anything, decided to hop onboard the space exploration craze and try to find somewhere to survive. The European country decided branch off from the ESA and explore a different planet in hopes of finding success there and prove to the world that they are good for something. The mission was kept under wraps the last few years as the country explored Uranus; the seventh planet from the sun and the third largest planet.

Unfortunately, the space program found out they would not be able to colonize Uranus. Just like their own country, France found out that Uranus was dirty beyond living conditions and the odor alone completely destroyed their rover. While Saturn and Jupiter rain diamonds, Uranus is full of foul-smelling conditions. France is not giving up, though. They plan on building another rover to explore another planet with hopes of finally being good at something.