Columbia, MD – It was just another Sunday morning for Camille Roberts. The Blogger woke up, fed her cat, showered, and headed to Dunkin’ Donuts for her usual Sunday breakfast of a hot coconut coffee with three sugars and a glazed donut. The Florida native has never been much of a people-person and does whatever she can to avoid interacting with people.

Roberts was running a little later than usual and as she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed the drive-thru line was far too long. In a rush to get back to her cat, Margie, she parked and prepared herself for physically interacting with people. She counted back from ten and inhaled a few deep breaths.

The inside of the coffee and breakfast chain was just as busy as the drive-thru. Roberts buried her face in her phone as she pretended to be interested in the statuses of her Facebook friends and family. She did make eye contact once with someone, but quickly looked away before a conversation started. The interaction with the employee behind the counter was almost too much for her, but she managed. As she got back to her apartment, she spent the day with joy as she was able to encounter an actual human interaction successfully.