Rocky Mount, ND –  Around an hour ago, a tractor-trailer tipped over on I-95 in Nash County. The driver, Lawrence Barrington, fell asleep at the wheel, thinking he could make it to a truck stop a little over 30 miles away. Barrington  was transporting a truck full of Ramen noodle products. As soon as the news hit the internet, college students from all over the state rushed to the scene.

Students from colleges including Duke, University of North Carolina, and many other colleges in the state, up and left their classrooms and dorm rooms to try to score some free noodles. Ramen has always been a big hit in colleges across the country, because it is so cheap and so easy to make. But nothing is cheaper than free and that is exactly what was on the minds of the thousands of students who ran to the scene.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Marcus Roberts told us. Roberts was the first state trooper to report to the scene. “I’ve seen a lot in my time, but never anything quite like this.” According to Roberts, there have already been 15 casualties along with another 43 people who are currently in critical condition.