file00041805481Oak Brook, IL – It’s been months now since fast-food workers started protesting. Employees from McDonald’s and other fast-food chains all across the country have been fighting to make more money, as their pay makes it so most of them are still living in poverty. Success has been reached already in Los Angeles, so the¬†Fight for $15 group are proactive and are determined to see even more results. As of today, they were seen in Oak Brook, where the headquarters of McDonald’s is placed. Protesting can be quite draining, standing out in the sun for hours, so the group decided to take a break. They just so happened to take a break at a nearby McDonald’s.

Starting yesterday, over 100,000 employees and supporters gathered outside of the headquarters as the restaurant’s annual shareholder meeting went on. The protestors held signs high fighting for a much higher and reasonable pay, as well as the right to form a union. Over the last few years, McDonald’s has spent over $30 million buying back stocks so they can impress their investors and shareholders. Once finding this out, protestors were even more driven to make changes.

As lunch time rolled around outside of the McDonald’s headquarters, a group of the protestors were starting to get hungry and were looking for something to give them a little more energy for the second half of the day. Around the corner, there were of course plenty of McDonald’s and that is where they went to eat.