Denver, CO – Ron Pennington wasn’t the best student in his high school. He missed more days than most students do and he never put too much effort into his work. He also scored one of the lowest SAT scores out of anyone in history. Towards the end of his senior year, however, Pennington decided he wanted to do something with his life and he started applying to colleges.

The Fort Collins native was rejected from every single college he applied for, some of them including University of Colorado Boulder, Oregon State University, and the University of Illinois. After being rejected from all of these colleges, the 2015 graduate of Denver South High School decided to apply to different community colleges in his home city.

Pennington quickly applied to all eight community colleges in Denver and was instantly accepted to all eight of them. “It was so tough narrowing it down to which one I wanted to go to,” Pennington recalled. “I just had so many different options. Did I want to go to the one that was five minutes from my house or eight minutes?” Pennington went on to create a pros and cons list of all of the colleges and has settled with Arapahoe Community College.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay