file3441297827352Atlanta,,GA – Every year, Atlanta holds an auction for different items once owned by famous rap and hip-hop artists. Te Lyrical Superstar Auction pulls in millions of dollars every year and the proceeds   and all of the proceeds go to help educate young musicians across the country. High selling items from the past include one of 2pac’s bandanas and a clock that Flavr Flav wore on tour while with Public Enemy. This year’s auction included items like one of Jay-Z’s Yankees hats as well as one of the band-aids that he used to wear on stage.

Nelly, or Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., is a rapper, actor, and investor known for such party hits like, “Country Grammar” and “Hot in Herre.” The Saint Louis native is quite famous for not only his hit songs and roles in hit movies like the remake to the “The Longest Yard,” but he is also famous for the band-aid that he wears on his face. The rapper originally wore it to cover up a basketball injury, but it wound up being a trademark of his to give respect to his friend, Lavell Webb. Well goes by the rap name City Spud and was a St. Lunatic with Nelly in a hip-hop group before Nelly went solo. Webb was sentenced to prison for a decade and Nelly believes Webb is innocent.

From the start, the item had a great amount of interest and was one of the highest selling items at the auction. The band-aid, or piece of white tape, was of course not the only one Nelly wore. His tour manager told us that the rapper actually wore several thousand over the years, but this was the first one he ever wore on stage.