Pyongyang, North Korea – Another day has passed in North Korea, which means that supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, has made another executive decision in his homeland. Jong-un is constantly adding new laws to North Korea and there is nothing any of the residences can do about it. It was only a few months ago that North Korea set their time back a half-an-hour, completing changing the time zone amongst many other things. As of today, Kim Jong-un has announced he is adding a new day to North Korea’s calendar.

The eighth day of the week is known as “Kijoday” and it will fall between Sunday and Monday. Jong-un has already let his country know that it will not be another day that counts as the weekend; it will be a sixth day of the work week. The North Korean dictator already has Vistaprint currently making calendars for his citizens right now.

When asked why this change is being made, Jong-un told his nation that he is a huge fan of The Beatles and he wanted to honor them by creating an eighth day of the week.