Washington, D.C. – For the past few years, Congress has really been letting down their people. With the presidential election coming up and not many promising contenders, it would be a great time for Congress to step in and do something. There have been many times lately they could’ve stepped in, but either refrained from everything or made things worse. The debt ceiling, mass incarceration, the government shutdown, these are just a few of the things that congress has brought us and we still have no idea how to bounce back from then. That’s why the people of the United States decided to fight back and are grounding congress.

The citizens of America have had enough. So much so that enough of them signed a bill that shuts down congress for a few weeks to think about what they’ve done in hopes that they can clean up their act. The people of the States had no idea that they had the power to do such a thing, as it was kept a secret for so long. The only reason it got out was when a member of congress quit and disclosed this information in an online forum. The amount of signatures needed was 15,000,000, which ended up only taking 15 minutes to get. As of the beginning of the new year, all of congress is being sent home for a month to think about what they did.

It’s been decided that the members of congress are not going to be paid for their time off. They are not allowed to use their cell phones, watch television, or have any sweets, and if they do, they will not return to being members of congress.