Two Barbie dolls with walkman and headphone

El Segundo, CA – Just in time for the holidays, Mattel has released a new set of Barbie dolls that will ruin the egos of little girls everywhere, while inspiring them to become something nobody should ever want to be. That’s right, the multinational toy manufacturer has created Kardashian dolls that are now in hundreds of thousands of stores across the country.

Christopher A. Sinclair, the CEO of Mattel, told us that he had one goal when developing these toys: Make them with less plastic than the Kardashians are made of. If you know anything about the Kardashians, and unfortunately you know way too much about this family of talentless nobodies, then you know they are all about glamour. There’s no doubt that this incredibly wealthy family has spent quite the money going under the knife to look perfect.

This isn’t the first time Mattel had thought about making these dolls. Back in 2012, they came very close to manufacturing them, until they decided it wasn’t the right time. With three years going by and the family gaining even more fame, Mattel decided it was time to go forward with the product.

“I hate that we put out these products” Sinclair told us. “But we know how profitable they will be for us. When I was telling my wife about how upset I was to give into the Kardashain lifestyle, she told me we should try to make them with more plastic than the actually Kardashians are made of. And we did it!”

They dolls didn’t hit the shelf at the exact time the company wanted them to, but that hasn’t stopped disillusioned pre-teens and teens from adding these toys to their Christmas lists. It also hasn’t stopped any of their parents from rushing to the stores and online markets to purchase the products that they will regret down the road when their daughters are