Germantown, KY – Donald Trump supporters are old school. They want America to be the way it used to be. Although times have changed, they like to keep memories of the historical errors in our world. One thing that supporters of the billionaire are trying to bring back is the Nazi regime of the 1940s.

Carl Wallace, a Trump supporter who resides in one of the smallest towns in the Bluegrass State, is bringing a local laundry mat to court. Wallace was at The Laundry King yesterday washing his uniform for┬áhis Neo-Nazzi meeting with his friends this weekend. Wallace has been attending the meetings for the last ten years and has never missed one before. The welder was even on his way to becoming Vice President of the club. Now Wallace isn’t going to be able to attend the meeting because his uniform was shrunken by the laundry mat he was washing his uniform.

It’s not the first time The Laundry King is being sued for this problem, however, it is the first time it is being sued for shrinking a Nazi uniform.