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Uber Announces New Piggyback Service

Uber Announces New Piggyback Service

San Francisco, CA – It seems like every time you turn around, Uber has come up with a new service for their transportation company. What started off once as a simple taxi alternative has now turned into a service that offers things such as shared rides, hot air balloons, and more. As of late last night, the tech company has announced they will now be doing piggyback services.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting to do since day one,” Mitch Ellington told us. The Creative Director of Uber Technologies Inc. told us this morning. It’s a great way for human connection, to relive the good days, and it’s also a great way for exercise.” The service will not be for anyone in a rush or someone who is looking to a cheap alternative to public transportation.

The option will be available on Uber’s mobile app in the United States starting on July 4th, to encourage drunk people to find a different method of transportation besides their car. It’s estimated that the cost will be around $24 a mile.

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