London, England – The toughest thing about being an artist is that it’s all about supply and demand. A filmmaker has to do a remake or a reboot instead of working on an original project they have been trying to get off the ground for more than a decade. An actor has to act in an undesirable movie that will put them on the map and make them lots of money. A musician has to go from talented music with deep lyrics to writing about partying, just to stay relevant and stay in the music industry. Mariah Carey recently a track with Miguel that is titled #Beautiful. The diva, who started her career when the symbol just meant “number.” The singer was told to put a hashtag before the word in order to appeal to a younger demographic. Another example of this is the new single released by the San Francisco band, Train.

The roots rock band released “Play That Song” at the end of September. The song sounds like something that was written for Flo Rida, but he passed on it. Not only that, but the musical progression is that of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Nobody can get away with that, except for Vitamin C. Train has put out some good music over the years, but this song has ruined them for many fans. Another example of a band that has succumb to this pressure is none other than The Rolling Stones.

The Stones have been around for over half a decade. The seventy-year-old musicians are still putting out new music and touring the world. The rockers released their new album, “Blue and Lonesome,” on December 2nd and is the band’s first studio album in over a decade. While fans of all ages expected to hear the same sound that made them fall in love with the band and keep that love for decades, the album was produced by Jason Derulo and has a heavy EDM influence. Most of the lyrics delve into the world of partying. This is not something that is foreign to Keith Richards, but the Stones have never made songs like the ones on this last album. The first single off of the new album is titled ‘#Party 4 Ever.’

“We wanted a new sound on this album” Mick Jacker told us. “I’m just fucking with you. Our label wouldn’t give us the money to put out another album unless it appealed to the younger people. We were told each song had to say at least “party,” “fire,” or “like it’s the last night of your life” at least five times.” Jagger went on to say that the band almost threw in the towel, but they wanted to keep things going and needed the money for things like Richards’ heavy cocaine use.