Wenham, MA – Historians have been studying Jesus Christ for thousands of years and they will continue to for thousands more. Whether you believe in Jesus as the son of God or not, there is proof of a man named Jesus with similar attributes. Many different theories exist out there, some including Jesus was dark skinned and another that he was a carpenter. Recently, people starting believing that Jesus would be a hipster or hippie in today’s times. With his long hair, peaceful ways, and flip flops, people believe Jesus would’ve perfectly fit either one or both of these personas. A professor at Gordon College has come forward with a new study that he believes will change the ways people think of Jesus.

Mark Thompson, a New York Native, who has been teaching at the religious university for over a decade believes that Jesus Christ would’ve worn Crocs had they been around in his time. “Everyone knows he wore flip flops,” the Christ and His Lifestyle professor told us. “I strongly believe that, had Crocs been around during 4 BC, Jesus would’ve been one of their biggest fans. He would have totally worn Crocs.” Thompson went on to tell us that he has recently spent a lot of time looking into Crocs and what they shoe company represents and that most of their beliefs were similar to that of Jesus of Nazareth. “Both Crocs and Jesus were very charitable and considered the environment upon their actions.

Upon further research, professors, historians and priests across the country agree with Thompson’s theory. Father Michael, a priest at The Church of Christ outside of Boston, think it makes “complete sense” and joked that Jesus might even pick up a pair when he comes back in April.

The professors lecture on Jesus and Crocs have already increased the sales in Crocs by 500% across the state of Massachusetts. A retail forecasting in the Northeast believes that the company could tripple their sales by the end of the year.