Nashville, TN – It seems the whole world hates Nickelback, yet the band still manages to top the charts and sell out arenas all over the world. The Canadian rockers released a new single, “Feed the Machine,” last month and followed-up that existent anticipation by announcing a summer tour of the same name. To prepare themselves for playing North America, the rockers played a show in Music City last night.

After having to cancel the last leg of their previous tour, fans of the Alberta natives must have forgotten how bad the band was. Not only were the fans upset with the band’s performance, but so were the employees of the Bridgestone Arena. And a beachball making its way through the crowd wasn’t happy either. It, in fact, popped itself.

“It was sad to see,” Ron Washington told us. The security guard stood in-between the fans and the band and dealt with drunk people and crowd-surfers. “There were beach balls everywhere. I saw one fly up into the air and pop out of nowhere. There were no sharp objects hanging from the ceiling, the heat wasn’t on. I could just tell, that beachball just couldn’t stand being around Nickelback and their fans anymore.