Hollywood, CA – Sequels are pretty much all Hollywood has going for them these days. Whether or not they are good movies, they at least make a lot of money for the film industry. With only two months into this year, sequels in the Underworld, xXx, and Resident Evil film franchise have already hit theaters. Throughout the year, we will see sequels to The SmurfsBatman v Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien, Avatar, and Super Trooper series. And that’s just to name a few of them. Production has begun on the newest Expendables film and Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the cast are excited to be back.

The fourth film in the franchise, titled Shipwrecked, will follow the cast as they go boating to celebrate their last victory. Upon their leisurely trip, they stumble upon an island of terrorists planning to blow up the White House. As the terrorists are testing their explosives, they blow up the boat that the action-heroes are on. While shipwrecked, it doesn’t take the washed up actors long to realize what they have stumbled upon.

The movie will take about three days to film and will be hitting the theaters this summer. Early predictions believe the sequel will gross over $142 at the box office and at least $12 in DVD sales.