Washington, D.C. – It’s hard to narrow down the most ridiculous moments of Trump’s time in the White House so far. From mocking a disabled reporter to banning some Middle Eastern countries from entering our country, the 45th President of the United States has really built up a list of crazy moments in just a few months. While these incidents were wrong and disturbing, one of the best moments to come out of the businessman’s time in office was when he was attacked by a bald eagle.

In August of 2015, Trump posed with a bald eagle for the cover of TIME magazine. As foreshadowing as possible, the emblematic bird almost instantly attacked the future president. Photographs and video made their way to the internet in no time, as people mocked The Donald and how not even birds are fond of him and his antics.

Just as the bald eagle represents America, so does turning members of 15 minutes of fame into 15 years of fame. Casey the Cash Me Ousside girl, the guy who said “Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife,” these talentless people found their way into fame after memes and talk show appearances escalated their careers and finances. Now, after a long process of different contract deals and management issues, the eagle that attacked Trump is in the studio recording a rap album.

Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, founders of Def Jam, won over the bid to bring the eagle into the studio. Zach Weinberg, the agent of the eagle, told us that the album is halfway done. The first single, “Up in Yo Trump” will be out by the end of the month and features Pitbull. Rumor has it Jay-Z, DMX, and Missy Elliott will be featured on the album. Check out the eagle’s website and follow him on social media for more information.