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A Tale of Two Dakota’s

Washington, D.C. – There are fifty states in the Union, and seven U.S. owned territories/commonwealths, most of which are in a tropical climate. Recently elected officials from both North and South Dakota have met and decided to form one big Dakota in order to make room for a territory, such as Puerto Rico, to gain state hood. The nation is stunned, not just on the decision, but the fact that it hadn’t happened sooner.

“I understand why we have two Carolina’s, honestly you can only fit so much great barbeque, stunning coastline and racism into one state.” Said Bill Winchell of Groveton, Louisiana.

A now Dakota resident, Gary Smith, had this to say “I like the decision, usually when I tell people I was from a Dakota they’d ask if that was the one with the Meth or Mt. Rushmore. Now I can proudly say both!”

The move also brings great relieve to actress Dakota Fanning who has been quoted as saying “I’m just glad that guys will stop asking if they can make a trip to South Dakota tonight.”