I’ve seen a lot of disturbing television shows and movies. From American Horror Story to the Human Centipede films, I’ve watched some of the most disgusting and gruesome things that still confuse me how anyone came up with the plots. However, the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched to this day is Saved by the Bell.

A.C. Slater dated Jessie Spano throughout the series and called her “Mama,” which is extremely messed up. Why would you ever want to call the woman your sleeping with the same name you call the woman who birthed you? He could’ve called her so many other things, like “Babe” or “Honey,” but he called her “Mama.”

But it’s not Slater’s fault. Throughout the show, the audience never meets his mother, which means she was probably never in his life. Not only was his mother not in his life, but Slater had a military father who was never impressed by all of Slater’s achievements. Air Condtioner was star of the wrestling team and the football team, played in a rock and roll band, and even did well in school. But this wasn’t enough for A.C. Slater’s father.

It’s no wonder Slater found a mother figure in Jesssie. She was always the one who kept the group in line. Besides her brief, over exaggerated addiction to caffeine pills, she always had a good head on her shoulders and was definitely the mom of the group. So maybe Slater had some kind of Oedipus complex. Jessie became the mother that Slater never had, but he also had sex with her, too.

If Fraud were alive during the years that Slater was on the air, he would’ve written books on Slater’s relationship with Jessie.