Juneau, AK – On a flight out of the capital of Alaska yesterday, Sarah Palin made her way to her first class seat. The 2008 vice-presidential candidate was on her way to Los Angeles to discuss her recently renewed show, “Amazing America With Sarah Palin.”

She took out her neck pillow made of deer meat and skin and started to get comfortable as she told the passenger next to her they could see Russia from outside the window. As she started to eat a handful of her own buffalo jerky, the rest of the passengers all boarded the plane as they made their way to their seats. She sighed at all of the minorities boarding the plane and pushed all of her beliefs of foreigners onto the passenger next to her, who had learned by now and had her headphones in already and was pretending to be asleep.

A man in uniform then boarded the plane. Dressed in his camouflage outfit, Lieutenant Robert Jameson began to make his way back to coach. As he was passing Palin, a sneeze came out of her that surprised everyone on the plane. Chunks of buffalo meat showered the San Diego native who had just returned from Iraq and was going home to be with his family.

Palin then shoveled more buffalo jerky into her mouth, while not acknowledging the lieutenant and the new addition to his army uniform.