Washington, D.C. – If you went on Facebook this morning, you probably watched at least one video of American business woman and politician, Betsy DeVos, stumbling to answer any and every question she was asked about the future of our educational system. Questions were asked from people such as Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders, Democrat Elizabeth Warren and even SNL album Al Franken. The Michigan native struggled to answer any questions with facts, scenarios or even agreeing with any of the interviewees.

DeVos is one of the many millionaires Trump has sworn into his cabinet who happens to know absolutely nothing about the cabinet they are now a part of. On November 23rd, 2016, Trump appointed DeVos to the United States Secretary of Education. ┬áThe nation fears more and more everyday that Trump and his band of clowns are going to bring this country deeper into the ground than anyone else has in years.Within moments of these videos making their rounds on Facebook and racking up millions of views, a new petition has started and also racked up it’s viewership.

Hilarious comedian and cologne spokesperson Mikey Weil created the Make Betsy DeVos Do the Billy Madison Challenge. You can sign it at one of the following: