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Bill Pullman to Run for President in 2020

Washington, D.C. – Bill Pullman, an actor who has played the president twice in front of the camera, now wants to take on the role as the actual president of the United States.

The New York native has played our president in the blockbuster hit ‘Independence Day’ as well as the cancelled NBC show ’1600 Penn.’ In both, he had different characteristics, but with these experiences he feels he is now ready to run as a 2020 electoral candidate.

“Being on the set of the White House was great,” the actor told us in an interview. “Sometimes in-between takes, I would pretend I was the actual president and it just felt right.” The star of ‘Spaceballs’ told us.

Pullman was class president in fifth grade, and he feels along with this experience and playing the president twice he is ready to get his name on the ballot. He plans on having his agent be his running mate, since he feels their connection is so strong and he was a class treasurer in middle school.